Rock climbing and mountaineering with gay men and lesbians

Grand Teton National Park, Jackson, Wyoming.

Did you always want to climb?

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Not everyone was born to climb. But for those who were, it's impossible to look at a mountain without feeling drawn to the challenge of climbing it.

Alyson Adventures offers two mountain climbing trips. Whether you're new to rock climbing, or an experienced climber, you'll have an unforgettable week in the mountains. And with a friendly gay group, you'll find lots of support as you test new skills.

No experience needed!

Our rock climbing week in Wyoming starts with expert instruction. You'll learn to tie knots you can trust your life to, how to get the most out of a small foothold, and how to belay your partner so that if one of you slips while climbing, neither is hurt.

Then comes our two-day ascent of the Grand Teton, with breath-taking views, some exciting moves, and a great thrill when you reach the top. Experienced rock climbers may not find this technically difficult (the route we'll take is rated about 5.5), but will find it exhilarating to share the climb with other gay men and lesbians. Most new climbers, if already in good physical condition, will find it challenging but not impossible, exhausting but, as one said afterward, "the most thrilling day of my life."

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Climbing in the Alps

Deep in the Swiss Alps lies one of the world's best-known mountains: The Matterhorn. It's distinctive outline has drawn countless mountaineers over the years. Our mountaineering week here assumes some basic rock-climbing background (such as The Grand, above) and requires good physical and aerobic conditioning, but no high-level climbing skills are needed. Just enthusiasm!

We'll spend the first part of the trip practicing those skills and enjoying the hiking, mountain air, and rock walls around Zermatt. Then, with experienced European mountain climbers as guides, we'll head up The Matterhorn.

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